Posted on March 15, 2015

andrew good

Director of Advisory

Andrew Good is a chartered engineer with 10 years of experience in data analysis within the renewable energy sector.

Prior to working with BrightWind, Andrew worked for 6 years as a technical manager and principal energy analyst for the tidal turbine developer, Openhydro Technology. During this time, he delivered energy resource and uncertainty assessments in support of a pre-construction project portfolio which extended across Europe, the Americas and East Asia. He was also responsible for the specification of turbine design loads considering relevant environmental conditions, and real-time monitoring and analysis of sensor data from operational test turbines. In recent years, Andrew has also been an active contributor to the development of three IEC technical specifications (draft standards) which aim to harmonise best practice across the field of marine renewable energy.

Before joining OpenHydro, Andrew studied at Queens University Belfast, completing both a masters in Civil Engineering and a PhD investigation of turbine fluid dynamics, based on both tank tests and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations.