Posted on August 25, 2017

BrightData now delivers MERRA-2 for most of Europe

BrightWind have updated the BrightData tool expanding the MERRA-2 dataset to cover most of Europe. We are also offering a windiness service for operational wind farms based on MERRA-2 data so get in touch if this is of interest. Launch BrightData and begin downloading MERRA-2 data immediately for most of Europe.

launch brightdata

What is MERRA-2 ?

MERRA version 2 (MERRA-2) was released by NASA to supersede the MERRA dataset which has now ended. NASA says that MERRA-2 “was introduced to replace the original MERRA dataset because of the advances made in the assimilation system that enable assimilation of modern hyperspectral radiance and microwave observations, along with GPS-Radio Occultation datasets. MERRA-2 is the first long-term global reanalysis to assimilate space-based observations of aerosols and represent their interactions with other physical processes in the climate system.”

What is windiness?

If you have an operational wind farm, how do you know if July was a good or bad month? If power production was low, how much of it was due to low wind and not turbine operational issues or curtailment? If you are an investor/owner/operator and want to gauge how your wind farm asset is performing relative to the original investment case, then a monthly windiness report is critical for understanding how your asset is performing. We put the energy production from the wind farm into a long term context using MERRA-2 data, and show how much of the reduced production is due to low wind and vice versa if production is high.

What does all this mean for wind analysts and wind resource assessments?

BrightWind have carried out studies across Europe to see how MERRA-2 correlates with several meteorological datasets. Across the board, MERRA-2 shows an improved correlation quality coefficient (R²) with site measurements over MERRA. This means MERRA-2 data will improve estimates of long term wind resource and help reduce wind uncertainty at potential wind farm sites.

What is BrightData?

We developed BrightData out of our own need for quick access to reanalysis datasets. “We were also frustrated with how unfriendly, time consuming and complicated existing methods for retrieving reanalysis data was and so a big focus was making it as easy to use as possible” says BrightWind director Stephen Holleran. “Both in selecting the datasets but also in actually using the data once retrieved. We wanted to use it straight away without any deleting of headers or reformatting time stamps before it could be used in our analysis software.” BrightData is for wind analysts who require long term reference datasets, without the hassle.

You can sign up for a free trial of BrightData here and begin downloading MERRA-2 data immediately.