Posted on December 1, 2015

BrightWind launches BrightData

Today marks the launch of BrightWind’s web application, BrightData. BrightData provides access to MERRA reanalysis data in minutes through an easy-to-use geographical interface. The delivered data is assembled and conveniently formatted, so no post-processing is required to use in analysis software. This is a step change in speed and user friendliness for wind analysts needing MERRA data.

launch brightdata

BrightWind developed this web application out of their own need for quick access to reanalysis datasets. “We were also frustrated with how unfriendly, time consuming and complicated existing methods for retrieving reanalysis data was and so a big focus was making it as easy to use as possible” says BrightWind director Stephen Holleran. “Both in selecting the datasets but also in actually using the data once retrieved. We wanted to use it straight away without any deleting of headers or reformatting time stamps before it could be used in our analysis software.” BrightData is for wind analysts who require long term reference datasets, without the hassle.

You can sign up for a free trial of BrightData here and begin downloading MERRA data immediately.